Directions Hair Dye Instructions

How To Use Directions Hair Dye

We have produced these simple instructions to help our customers get the best possible results from La Riche Directions Hair Dye. Read the instructions thoroughly before dying your hair as well as the helpful dos and don'ts sections.

Step 1 - Patch Test

If you're new to dying your hair with Directions Hair Colours, it's really important to do a skin patch test first to check to see if you have any allergic reactions. Directions are one of the safest dyes on the market, but always best to check before use.

  • Choose a discreet area of skin for your patch test. Wash the area and dry
  • Apply a small amount of dye to this area and leave the dye to fully dry
  • Wash the dye off. Your skin will be stained, don't worry, this is normal. The staining will be gone in a few days
  • Check the area for any signs of irritation, swelling, redness or itching

In the unlikely event that you find you have had a reaction to the product. Don't proceed any further and stop using them immediately.

Step 2 - Strand Test

This is one of the most important steps. It will allow you to determine your personal development time.

  • Shampoo your hair well with a PH-balanced product. Don't use a conditioner. Rinse and towel dry.
  • Choose a small section of hair for the stand test and apply a small amount of dye.
  • Set up a timer and check your hair periodically in 5-minute intervals. Once your desired colour is achieved take note of how long it took. It should be around 15 - 30 minutes but could be longer.
  • Rinse your hair with water (don't use shampoo) and towel dry
  • Check your stand test area. If you are happy with the colour, use the time you noted down. You may need to adjust your time. If you want your colour to be deeper and richer, leave it on longer. Whilst reducing the time will make the colour lighter.

When you are happy with the results of the stand test, you can proceed to dye your hair.

Step 3 - Dye Application

 Once you are happy with the results from the strand test, you can start to dye your hair.

  • Shampoo your hair with a PH balanced Shampoo and towel dry. La Riche has specially developed a Pre Colour Shampoo, which will give you the best results. It's important you don't put conditioner on your hair or use a 2 in1 shampoo, this will stop the dye from taking.
  • Apply La Riche Directions Hair Dye with a Tint Brush. Now comb the dye through your hair until it emulsifies and becomes frothy. This will ensure your hair is evenly covered and the dye penetrates your hair fully. Cover your hair with a development cap.
  • Let your colour develop, using your strand test to guide how long to leave it on. 
  • Rinse the dye out of your hair with warm water (don't use shampoo). Do this away from your face and body until the residue is removed. Towel dry your hair.

Enjoy your fantastic new look!


All Directions colours can be mixed with each other to create your own unique shade.

If you want a lighter shade or tone, try mixing Directions Hair Dye with White Toner or Colour Care Conditioner

Directions will take faster and last longer on chemically treated hair eg. permed or bleached.

If more than one colour is applied the hair must be washed and dried separately, and greater care must be taken when partially colouring lighter hair.

La Riche has made Shampoo and Conditioners be kind to your hair and colour, they really will help your colour last. Find them here with other Colour Care Products


  • Wear rubber or plastic gloves when applying the hair colour.

  • Use vaseline, petroleum jelly or baby oil around the hairline to avoid staining the forehead.

  • As with all hair dyes, we advise a strand test first.

  • Do wear something old and use an old towel, dyes can stain.


  • Do not mix Directions Hair Colours with peroxide.

  • Do not use on eyelashes.

  • Do not use shampoo with conditioner before the application of dye. Just SHAMPOO ONLY! This is a conditioning product!

  • The use of conditioner before colour treatment will stop the hair from absorbing the dye!


  • Due to the semi-permanent nature of La Riche Directions, certain colours can sometimes leave a slight stain on materials and surfaces.

  • Shades may vary at the manufacturers' discretion.

  • To Achieve lighter shades than your current colour we recommend you seek professional advice.

  • Hair Dyes may not cover grey hair.

  • Colour illustrations are based on the application of virgin bleached white-blonde hair, original hair shade/colour will affect the results.

We often get customers emailing us with questions, so we have added a Frequently Ask Questions page that contains the most commonly asked questions. If have any further questions after reading our Instruction page, head on over to our FAQs page and see if your questions are answered there.

We hope you have found our How To Use Directions Hair Dye guide useful. Enjoy your new colour - we know you will love the results!

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